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Program Announcements / Magical Gloves [full game v2.0 ]

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Joined: 20th Feb 2011
Posted: 15th Nov 2012 12:30 Edited at: 15th Nov 2012 12:31
My videogame for windows PC, MAGICAL GLOVES v2.0, is now available on my Online Shop, Intel AppUp and DESURA.

A different adventure

created with DarkBasic Professional

Game description:
Help Mia Handwrite to collect all of the Golden Book Pages and rescue her little brother from the evil Wizard of Books.

Magical Gloves is a funny and innovative platform game where your ability with the mouse will be crucial to solve puzzles and face different dangers.

You can catch and throw any object or enemy, clean pictures, find buried objects and even use crank powered vehicles . You will explore a world of fantasy where you will meet a lot of different characters, from coward soldiers to gluttonous whales, while corssing frozen lands inhabited by amazing people.

A fun new way to play with your computer that you could never have imagined before. Hours of entertainment spread over 3 different worlds, 16 missions and more than 30 hidden objects.

More details:
- 4 theme worlds, full of challenges and different enemies.
- 16 missions and over 30 hidden objects.
- Play like never before using your keyboard and mouse.
- Interact with everything you see on stage: boxes, barrels, trees, canyons, cranks, etc.
- Grab and throw away your enemies to defeat them.
- A wide variety of mini-games: memory games, fishing, creating a snowman, etc.
- Winner of the first Independent Games Festival in 2010.

v2.0 features:
- Optimized for Netbooks and Ultrabooks.
- Avaiable on my Onlien Shop, Intel AppUp and DESURA.




Try now and tell us your opinion.

And now on sale on my Online Shop and DESURA, save 50% OFF.

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Posted: 15th Nov 2012 19:40
Nice!, Congratulations!, well done!... and I remember this

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Joined: 20th Feb 2011
Posted: 16th Nov 2012 10:36

Quote: " and I remember this"

Yes, is not a "new game" is a optimized version and, the most important for me, published on Intel AppUp and DESURA.

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Posted: 18th Nov 2012 07:48
I downloaded the demo and had a go, it is a fun game and an interesting concept.

Took me a while to realize I can grab the ghosts.

a couple of things I have noticed, at one point i clicked on the tree in the courtyard, I started cleaning it however cleaning the space never triggered the prize. I had to leave come back and then even less cleaning triggered the win screen.

I also notice that in the first main castle room there is also a ghost in the upstairs painting, however I cannot clean it nor get it to come out so i can grab it.

I like the music and the physics is fun, i do find myself throwing things around a lot.

One feature I think you should add is the ability to exit the game from inside the game without first having to go to the save point.

otherwise, nice game.

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Joined: 20th Feb 2011
Posted: 18th Nov 2012 11:04
Thanks Kezzla

About the cleanning minigame, not always you win a prize when you clean a zone. It's a random prize.

About the exit game, if you press "ESC key" appears the pause menu and you can leave the game and go to main menu but you can't save the game progress.

And finally, the ghost in the painting, you need to take some stage object and put it infront of the picture, the ghost leaves from it and then you can catch him.

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