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3 Dimensional Chat / 3D Game Maker works great in Win 7 & 8 ! How to majke it work:

Dream Cutter
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Joined: 15th Dec 2012
Location: United States
Posted: 15th Dec 2012 20:49
3D Game Maker 1.1 works fine, however you will get publishing errors unless the game is run with the 3D Game Maker short cut "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" (short-cut, right click option)

Same with initial installation too: Install this and most other x86 era apps by right clicking the setup.exe and selecting RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. This allows windows to assign directory ownership to the 3D Game Maker app. Also by running the 3D Game Maker app as administrator, you are also allowing the PUBLISHED .exe (resulting published stand alone game) to also have write access to the directory and enable it to execute on demand.

My 8 year old LOVES 3D Game Maker!

Get inspired with the Dream Cutter at these 3D Themme sites:
Disturbing 13
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Joined: 12th Apr 2005
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Posted: 19th Dec 2012 07:18
My 9 year old loves it as well. She takes elements of the game and creates stories for them presented in movies before the game play. Too bad there wasn't much support for it. I'd really love to build some original levels for it.

ravi teja
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Joined: 12th Apr 2013
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Posted: 12th Apr 2013 11:51
oh i 2 have it, but i ordered 3d g m. i have fps c also

Ravi teja

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