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3 Dimensional Chat / AD: Come join the Official 2D Art Challenges!

The Nerevar
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Posted: 6th Jan 2013 21:36
Hello! As you can tell, the 2D board is very lonely.

Greenlig, a fellow TGCist is hosting a small and friendly challenge that is open for all!

As said from Greenlig himself:
Quote: "We have a pretty cool little community of 2D appreciators happening here, and I'm wondering if it would be fun to have monthly challenges like they have over at the 3D section. There's nothing like a little challenge to bring the best out in everyone, and it would be a great learning tool for us all. I really do love this community, and the Art Showcase thread has really exposed some of the cool stuff you lot are doing!"

This week's challenge is:

So drop on by if your interested! We are looking forward to seeing what you can do!

More info here! ------->

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