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Dark GDK / I have some C++ questions

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Posted: 9th Jan 2013 03:16
Posted this in programming talk a few days ago, got no response

I don't know which way to go. I have been learning DBP. I usually try to port that into DarkGDK and have learned some straight C++ and really like it. I think learning DBP will get me into things faster. With DarkGDK I am not sure what I can really do. I am not sure if I can do everything you can do with C++, Classes mainly. Not really sure how to make my own functions with it.

I am making a little text thing in DBP. It is RPG style all it is, is one street with about 10 buildings. Each building has a function like a guild where you create characters, form a party save, load etc... there is a bank, tavern, shop, magic shop etc. I am doing this to just learn how to write the code for doing these functions. When I finish the text version in DBP I want to do a 2D version and then work on 3D.

If I wanted to do this with strictly C++, not darkGDK where can I find 2D commands like in DBP or GDK like line and circle, etc...

I am getting pretty board with books. With DBP or even GDK I read something in the book, (and I skip around) then I kind of do my own thing. I have created a screen layout with just line commands and figured out how to put the text only where I want it, clear the screen only where I want. My little text thing is coming along nicely and I will probably port it to DarkGDK but to me that is like doing it in DBP in a c++ wrapper.

I want to do it in regular C++ and know a little c++ but don't know to do the text and 2D commands. Is there a header file to load or do you have to dive into the direct X?

would it be better for me to stick with DBP or DarkGDK?

I am really more interested in C++ but if I could do everything you can do in C++ with DarkGDK I would probably stick with that then I can work with C++ and not get into learning direct X now.

Also I would like to know what the difference is between DarkGDK and is? from what I know you can program C# and VB with it which I am not really interested in at this time. I also heard it has better multiplayer options or something along those lines.

I saw in another post where the guy said totally rocks! Is it better or is DarkGDK good enough for now?

Just not sure which way to move forward

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Posted: 9th Jan 2013 10:27
Have you not tried the free GDK yet?

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Posted: 9th Jan 2013 15:23
Quote: "I am not sure if I can do everything you can do with C++, Classes mainly."
ABSOLUTELY! Classes and structs are a very powerful feature of c++. GDK is simply a wrapper for DBP. You make calls to GDK functions, but the rest of your program is however you prefer to write your c++ program.
Quote: "If I wanted to do this with strictly C++, not darkGDK where can I find 2D commands like in DBP or GDK like line and circle, etc...
This would require a different wrapper OR use DirectX. There is a "line" function within DX, but I've never seen a "circle" function--that you would have to write yourself (it's not that hard). The hard thing about DX is that you need to have a VERY firm grasp on how it works or you could get lost and loose interest quickly. I would stick with GDK until you grow out of it as a programmer-- it's a powerful and useful tool!

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