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Dark GDK / Getting my Blender model into my game.

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Joined: 29th Jan 2013
Posted: 30th Jan 2013 04:48
Hi there.
I am creating a game, and I need some advice.
I just finished my model in Blender (Woo! My first model that looks good.) so now I want to animate it and get it into my game.
I was wondering what the process was to get an animated model from blender into my game.
Would it be better to export my model then import it into another program to make the armature and animation in another program or to make the armature and animation in Blender and export it as .x?
And question I have is can I edit the vertices that the bone moves manually?
I want to know this because I can foresee that there might be some problems when I try to animated my armor pieces witch I will probably have to merge into my model as one object.



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