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Program Announcements / Forester Pro version 1.09 can export X file tree models

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Posted: 19th Feb 2013 01:29 Edited at: 19th Feb 2013 01:32
I thought this deserved a fresh announcement. We've just released version 1.09 of Forester Pro which includes an exporter to X format for Dark Basic.

Forester Pro is a easy tree creator that generates random trees from tree templates (different tree species). As well as model files in X format, Forester also produces an example dbpro project and dba files so you can test your creations immediately, including the LODs and billboards created by Forester.

There is a free version, Forester Lite, that produces randomized versions of 7 different tree species. The full version is $40 and comes with 14 tree species. Tree template packs, allowing randomized models of 40 tree species, are also available and are $10 each. You can download Forester from our website.

Here is a little tutorial on exporting trees in X format for Dark Basic.

Best of all....Forester Pro was created with DBPro! So even if you don't need a tree creator, have a look at a commercial product made in Dark Basic. One that is being bought by Unity, Torque3D and Unreal users. Really you can do almost anything in DBPro.

Finally a pretty picture of some Forester Pro trees:

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Posted: 19th Feb 2013 11:20
Well Done! I will take a closer look at this when I start content creation for more serious projects...

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