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Dark GDK / Import a terrain made with T.ed in Dark GDK

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Joined: 5th Feb 2013
Posted: 1st Mar 2013 11:26
It is possible to import a terrain made with T.ed in Dark GDK?
I need water level, all textures and skybox.
I saw that there is a tool that allows to create the code needed to load the terrain from ERP file and the .dbo file ( Unfortunately is generated only the source code for DBPro. Is there an alternative for Dark GDK?

Thanks in advance answers.
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2013 04:11 Edited at: 22nd Mar 2013 04:12
To import the terrain itself, in Ted you export the model as a .x and then load it in your program - ensure your texture is in the same location as your object. As for the skybox and water, im not entirely sure if Ted does this.

You'd have to piece togeather your scene - load your terrain you made, make a 'plane' object youself - texture it / add a shader for water and create a box OR 6 planes(positioned to look like a cube) and texture them for the skybox(textured on the inside)

The DarkbasicPro code shouldnt change too much from the DarkGDK code, For the most part you just add 'db' infront of the darkBasic command to turn them into DarkGDK commands - as you might know.

Creating water

example program of how to load water (texuted), simple skybox and terrain. I may note im in class, and this was hacked togeather, and not checked - i have little time. (the skybox axis's may be wrong - z axis may be x axis aha..)

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