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Dark GDK / Blurry text sucks!

Sincerely studid
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Joined: 3rd Mar 2013
Posted: 3rd Mar 2013 07:15
I have been having a serious problem on any of the coding that I do that has text in it. The text always appears fuzzy, the same goes for the images. I do not get crisp clear text or images using any means to enter the i.e.(dbPrint, dbText)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

the attachment is a picture to show how blurry. Most of the blurriness in the pic is not because of pic quality.[b]

You choose failure - failure does not choose you!


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Juggalo Memnoch
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2008
Posted: 4th Mar 2013 05:45
Are you changing the resolution any? If not, Maybe you can post some code

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Joined: 12th May 2008
Location: Microsoft VisualStudio 2010 Professional
Posted: 5th Mar 2013 15:16
That screenshot has some serious JPEG artifacts. What's your resolution for the desktop and the application itself?

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