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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Path to projects folder

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Joined: 20th Feb 2013
Posted: 23rd Mar 2013 05:48
DarkBasic forum,

DarkBasic version 7.62

In the Tools > Options > Startup window you can set what you want
to see at start up time. ex: Show empty environment.

Also there is a second box that shows the path to the projects
files and a "Browse" button but these are both grayed out. How
can I change this path?

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Joined: 10th Jan 2010
Location: United States
Posted: 24th Mar 2013 04:14
I believe the grayed out box you are referring to is for loading a specific project at start-up. If you choose "load specific project" from the drop down the path and browse button should become active. I am also looking for a way to change the default path but haven't had any luck. I read in another post where you can edit the launch.cfg file in the DarkBasic Pro folder and supply a project path there, but it hasn't worked for me, so I am not sure how to do it but it would be extrememly helpful.
Burning Feet Man
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Joined: 4th Jan 2008
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posted: 26th Mar 2013 03:24
Hey Jerryd, I would recommend the Indigo IDE. It's far superior to the default DBpro IDE, and is in constant development for new features.

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