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3 Dimensional Chat / Skeleton Rigging (Paid)

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Posted: 26th Mar 2013 22:02 Edited at: 26th Mar 2013 22:04
Anyone here interested in rigging a model to a skeleton for me? I have Fragmotion, and I'll merge the mesh/skeleton together for you. The animations on the skeleton need be animated fully onto the new mesh. I just get frustrated rigging models.

Basically, it's mesh swapping. You would adjust the length of the bones to match the new model and assign vertices. It shouldn't take too long to do if you're a decent modeler (I'm not haha). I was thinking around $35 and I'd pay via PayPal.

Contact me at if you're interested. I'd also be open to a long-term partnership depending on work available; you'd also get credited in any app as well.


Edit: if this is a team request, my apologies - please delete.

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