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3 Dimensional Chat / Texture Tutorials

Seppuku Arts
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Joined: 18th Aug 2004
Location: Cambridgeshire, England
Posted: 13th Apr 2013 19:00
I'm not a really good texturer, I've always found my 3D work has been lacking due to my inability to texture an object effectively, I have not issues with UV Mapping, it's just the texture quality needs serious work.

Anybody know of any decent places for learning texturing? Unfortunately, I do not own a copy of Photoshop, however, I have access to 3D Coat and free image editing tools (may consider purchasing any reasonably priced ones).

The important ones would be human and architecture texturing.


mastercheif 193
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Joined: 27th Feb 2007
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Posted: 14th Apr 2013 08:32
These aren't step by step follow through, but I believe they should help.

or Ben Mathis' tutorials

(sorry for the name of the site)

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