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Dark GDK / Help on "Pause Game" coding && etc...

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Joined: 18th Apr 2013
Posted: 19th Apr 2013 01:58
So I have been coding the starting part of a game I want to make but I can't get it to work the way I want, and I have NO idea why it isn't. I've looked it over and over and it should work but isn't. I'm thinking it is some sly part of the program that a novice wouldn't know. Here is the code.

When I click "Play Game" it loads the next map but doesn't show the text. When I leave the map out, the text briefly flashes but disappears. After that point the coding doesn't work, except for the dbEscapeKey ( ) function. Is there something I am missing??

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Joined: 6th Sep 2010
Posted: 27th May 2013 07:30
I'm a little confuse on what you trying to do.
I have not work in C++ for months. But I see if I can still remember.


if(dbSpaceKey() == 1 && SpacePressed == false)
SpaceKeyBool = true;
SpacePressed = true;

else SpaceKeyBool = false; //I never seem this practice with else statement before.
//Try doing this
else if(SpaceKeyBool == false && SpacePressed == true)
SpaceClick == true;
SpacePressed == true;

if ( Menu == true && Screen == 1 )//So if both of these are true
if(MenuLoaded == false)// why got this then it then? I'm sure you trying to load the menu so it should be if(MenuLoaded == true)

bool PlayGameXY; //?? never seem a bool work like that before in a if statment.

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