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iOS and MacOS / iOS Player status

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Joined: 23rd Apr 2013
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 23rd Apr 2013 14:52
What's the current estimate for iOS player to be available on Apple store?
Ancient Lady
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Joined: 17th Mar 2004
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Posted: 23rd Apr 2013 20:48
An iOS Player will NEVER be available in an Apple store.

And this is because Apple will not allow it because it theoretically allows someone to buy one app and play multiple ones (via broadcast) without Apple getting their cut.

TGC does have an Apple Player service (and I'd have to look for the link) where they will build you a Player for your device(s) for $25. But, you must have an existing Apple iOS Developer's License (which costs $99/year).

If you have a Mac device, then you can build your own Player. But you will still need the iOS Developer's License. Which you would need if you ever plan to publish with them.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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