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3 Dimensional Chat / DirectX or OpenGL

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Joined: 8th May 2013
Posted: 8th May 2013 17:19
Hi all,

I'm doing a final year project for masters on 3D spacing and interaction. As part of that I have to decide between using DirectX or OpenGL for my 3D graphics. I've heard and read recently though that there will not be any DirectX 12, is that official? Does that mean that OpenGL is taking over and if I do my research on DirectX, it can become obsolete very quickly? Please help, I want to start writing some code and creating simple 3D objects but not sure which to pick.

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Posted: 18th May 2013 23:19
I wouldn't worry about your project becoming obsolete. DirectX will be supported for years to come. I am not sure what the future of DirectX is, but for a Masters project use whatever tool you are most comfortable with.

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