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3 Dimensional Chat / Blender Complex Model for Fpsc, Needs mutliple uv maps (I think) But I can't figure out how

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Posted: 14th May 2013 22:31
Hello All,
I have recently dusted off Blender and have been spending some time modeling. I recently created a complex model of a "torture table" Basiclly a Gernie with leather straps, hand and leg restraints etc. It actually came out pretty good I think. My problem is textureing. I have read the few posts on using multiple uv maps and I am pretty confused on how exactly to pull it off. I have spent probably 20 hours in the last few days seaming and unwrapping. I tried seperating the parts of the model out into different layers and uvmapping each layer. This works but when I bring the model all back together the uv map is um a disaster. It occured to me last night that I could possible use the new Bmesh to reduce polys thus in theory that should make the UV map a little less of a cluster.

So what I am looking for is a little guidence on how to create a usable UV map for the model. I had also read somewhere that you could UV unwrap each piece export to image editor then create a blank transparent image in a larger size and scale down each UV map and past it into the new image. that didn't work etiher.

Is it possible to just add texture path lines to the FPE pointing to each texture. So Id have an X file and several maps for each X.

If I could wish anything Id wish that I could export the model X file and the Baked textures directly into FPSC. Wait I have never asked. IS this possible? Can I circumvent Entity Workshop and all the tedious Uv mapping and just export the bake to FPSC?

**Note: I am at a work PC at the moment but I will upload a screenie of the model So you can see what I am talking about.

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