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3 Dimensional Chat / 586 3D models and textures for DarkBasic out now!

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Joined: 28th May 2013
Posted: 28th May 2013 21:17
586 3D models and textures for DarkBasic

The offered model collection covers all areas of game programming and is very convenient to have.

There are 450 3D-models and 136 textures from all areas of interior design such as cabinets, sofas, chairs, tables, chairs, lamps, etc. as well as some weapons and items that can be found there, such as lights, traffic signs, oil tons, boxes and everything else, which is used in FPS games.

On the models I've worked hard for six months, but the price of 10 € (incl. shipping) is very low. The disk contains 386 MB of graphics data, and this is a good price / performance ratio!

Like you can see on the pictures they are very high quality models, but they do not have too many polygons, and thus are suitable also for slow 3D cards. More affordable 3D models aren't offered anywhere else, so get them now!

Of course you can use the models for all other 3D engines like Dark Basic, VB, PureBasic, Blitz3D and Game Studio.

CD-ROM (386 MB graphics data) with 450 models and 136 quality textures for 10.00 € at

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Posted: 7th Jun 2013 01:41 Edited at: 7th Jun 2013 01:47
There is no image in the thread to the models.
Ill help you out
when I finish up my latest work and get around to compiling a model repository for myself Ill look at getting this.

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Posted: 8th Jun 2013 09:21
For those interested: I bought the CD-ROM from Andreas earlier this week and received it by post today. I'm very enthusiastic about the offered models: they are of good quality and come in three formats (.X, .3DS and .MDL), so they can easily be used in DBPro or AGK. The CD-ROM also contains a program with which the models can be viewed. Very well done imho!

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