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2D All the way! / Graphics Artist needed for Paid Work

Christian Andersson
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Joined: 14th Jul 2010
Posted: 30th May 2013 18:06
Hi there all cool people on this forum!

I would need an graphics artist for paid work (royalty based or direct payment... up to us) ... so if you're interested, look below! Otherwise, you can skip this thread.

The game is a tiled 2D game, top-down in roguelike style. Think: Baldur's Gate. The project is commercial. The game mechanics and music is ready and the game is fully playable.

Currently, the game has non-licensed placeholders for the graphics. The game will be relased for PC platform for a start, and then for Android tablets. First release is planned in mid July, but the graphics must be ready earlier than that.

The graphics _CAN_ be non-exclusive (non-buyout) meaning you keep the copyright and you may re-license it again for other projects, e.g.
- you can create the graphics for me and you can still re-license it at other market places or in other projects
- if you have some art ready to use (even if you have already licensed it before non-exclusive), I can use that as well.

- I need someone that can work with this dedicated. If not daytime, at least evenings and weekends until finished. The delivery must happen within weeks rather than months.
- The art must keep a consistent style (that's why I don't want to buy at stock sites).
- I need your real name, phone/Skype contact information for Skype voice calls and follow-ups when needed. This is also because I need a proper receipt when I pay you and I need to be sure that you are the copyright owner.
- I need a proper license contract when we close this deal.

Background, items, creatures and armor can be delivered in larger format (larger than 60x60), but when scaled down to 60x60, it must look good!

The needed resource list is as follows:
- 60x60 pixel tiled dungeon squares:
One tile set floor/wall for each dungeon level, 7 dungeon levels in total:
- floor, (it's OK to get it in bigger blocks, e.g. 4*4 tiled blocks) ... or even one huge background picture...
- dungeon wall (the wall tiles should be adapted to which part of the wall, e.g. corner should look like a corner).

The first level is outside, e.g. theme should be grass/mud/dirt. Maybe some growing plants spread out on the tiles. The wall segments should look like outside walls (or stones... whatever). The rest of the levels are inside dungeon maps.

Common for all dungeon levels (can look the same):
- door
- stairs down

General Items:
- chest
- gold sack
- gold coins
- The Big Final Treasure
- Key
- Lantern
- Torch
- Teleport Stone
- Spider Web
- Potions (invisibility, speed, healing, cure poision, cure disease, cure all). No need to make very different looking potions. Just a "colorize" on one standard-looking-potion would probably do the trick.

- Leather boots
- Leather chest armor
- Leather leggings
- leather gloves
- plate boots
- plate chest armor
- plate leggings
- plate gloves
- cloth boots
- cloth chest armor
- round shield
- tower shield
- ring

Weapons (15):
- 1-handed axe
- 2-handed axe
- Bow
- Chain mace
- Club,
- Dagger,
- Flail
- Halberd
- Iron Spear
- Wooden Spear
- Morning Star
- Scythe
- Staff
- Sword
- Warhammer

(All creatures should be available in Normal and Elite versions, but it doesn't have to be a big difference, visually...)
Bear, Rat, Spider, FireDragon, FrostDragon, Hydra, Goblin, Kobold, Ogre, Orc, Troll, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Vampire, Zombie.

- Male Hero
- Female Hero
The hero icon does not have to adapt to the currently used weapon or armor (but it would be cool if possible...)

Note: all creatures, items, floor tiles and the hero will be painted in 60x60 size on the map.

The graphics style
- Should be Baldurs Gate style. At the moment, I'm _NOT_ currently looking for manga style inspired graphics, maybe later on...
- The game should NOT be funny and cartoon like, but rather towards gothic darkness (Dragon Age Origins).

Payment and Deliveries:
- You need a PayPal account to get paid from my company.
- You can get paid for part deliveries if you like, but I prefer to get sub deliveries water marked (and unpaid) until the whole game graphics is ready to be delivered. (I will not get much benefit for getting 1/3 of a delivery if you then quit this project to do something else...)

So how much can I pay? all depends on if I get an exclusive deal, if you want royalty based payment or not, and how many resources you have available already for me to use and how much you need to do from scratch.

Ok, if all above seems impossible and ridiculous, please accept my humble apologies and just ignore this thread. I can of course license the graphics off-the-shelf for a couple of hundred bucks, but again... it would be cool to get everything to look in a nice and consistent style from the same artist.

So... if you are interested, please contact me wia email ( and provide the following information:
- Full Name and Skype ID
- Experience with previous projects (not very important)
- Suggestion on Price (see resource list in this thread): please provide both exclusive and non-exlusive price offers.
- Include some samples of your style.

*** Please, do NOT respond in this thread - use my company email instead. ***

Best Regards & Thank you for your attention!
/Christian Andersson, Craze Creative Studios,

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