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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Arrays constantly causing app crash

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Joined: 31st May 2013
Posted: 31st May 2013 02:49 Edited at: 31st May 2013 06:11
Hi there. Sorry to bother people. I'm having major problems with dark basic pro's array system. Put simply, any attempt I make of declaring any type of array and filling it, allows the program to compile and run but however, it app crashes (ctd) and generates a dump file in the project folder. To give you an example, even this basic routine, called as the first thing in the code or as stand alone, causes the program to crash and burn...

or even something as basic as a dimensional call like this...

It seems to be the dim command that's causing my program to crash every time. Sometimes my program will progress so far then crash. Sometimes its instant. If I remove the array or comment it out, the program runs perfectly.

Here's the contents of the dump file...

Can anyone tell me what's going wrong with my arrays please.

Edit: Found the cause and posting solution so peeps don't fall into the same trap. There was nothing wrong with the code. I rather stupidly started with an earlier version of the dark basic pro software and updated to the most recent using the help menu. This bugged out dbp in several ways it appears. Doing a proper reinstall to free version, as per dictated, fixed a lot more than just the arrays (timer issues etc)
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Posted: 31st May 2013 13:38
Glad you found a fix. Also, always feel free to post your questions & problems, you're not bothering anyone! If anything, quite the opposite... I get bothered when no one posts on the forums for days.

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