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3 Dimensional Chat / I-Scream Engine (A little Help)

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Joined: 14th Dec 2009
Posted: 6th Jun 2013 16:49
I have been curently working on my new I-Scream Engine for playbasic.
It's a remake of battlzeone. (Realtime 3D) or maybe 4D as some call Anaglyph.
It's 7 months into developement and it's the biggest program I've written yet.
I want to stick with it until it's done as I have stopped so many for others.
It also seems to be the lest buggy I've ever written. I am makeing it as an intro into the 3D realm for beginners to learn
the math behind it. Me to hehehe and it's written in playbasic because I like play basic so much as I have become extremely friendly with it.
But it's hard haveing to do all the work myself. I am stuck on 3d models of things like nice tanks and jeeps military stuff you see in vector tanks wich is selling.
I need help. I need objects to light up this world be I suck at modelling. The requirements for the engine are finicky because each model is drawn twice ie. (Anaglyph)
They need to be low poly and around 100 I'm not looking for fancy just clean and nice looking too many things they call low-poly now adays on the net are far from it.
I will be realeaseing the game free for those who help me out as much as they can. I'll take email address and send you link to web page when ready.
I could of used darkbasic, or darkbasic pro to do this even better but it was a learning expericence and not useing other languages that did it for me.
So need less to say playbasic can do it you just gotta learn the math to add. Tahnks and happy computeing.

Jinkcy Cat

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