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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [X9] NYX (Survival Horror)

The Little Heathen
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Joined: 8th Jun 2013
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Posted: 8th Jun 2013 21:23
Right! First things first, I'd like to say hello to my fellow game makers! I'm the Little Heathen, and I'm just getting started with my very first FPS game, NYX.

In this indie horror game, you take control of Tara Woodson, a young woman who has no memory of where she is or how got to be in a bloody basement. You must find keys to unlock new areas in the game as well as collect pieces of evidence that will help regain her memory. Sounds simple right?


Throughout the game, you'll come into contact with an evil entity known only as NYX that is more than eager to off you like it did to the unfortunate others before. So while you are running around picking up the shattered pieces of your mind, you'll also have to avoid being trapped and killed at the same time.

(There aren't any screenshots just yet. But as soon as I get it at least halfway done, I'll post them.)

There is a slight problem that I'm having with the game however...

In the game, I plan to have plenty of jump scares (Objects randomly being thrown, lights flickering, ect.) but as I've never used FPS Creator before, I'm lost as to how to go about doing them. Also, when the player passes by mirrors, I'd like to have a scary image of NYX suddenly show up (That always gets good results XD). So the questions I have are these:

1. How do I make the lights flicker?
2. When the player enters the room, how would I trigger certain objects to move?
3. With the mirror effect (and as far as posting pictures on the walls), how would I go about doing that?
4. I'd love to have writing in blood on the walls as well as journal entries for the player to find. Any ideas on how to do that?

I'm really sorry for all the questions. I feel like such a n00b at this

Any other tips for giving extra scares will be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
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Posted: 9th Jun 2013 17:10
Opening a thread in this section requires a screenshot of your game. Please start up another thread, when you are at that point. Feel free to ask your questions in the appropriate forum sections: Chat, Scripts, etc.


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