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iOS and MacOS / Best way to implement in app purchace tier2 with AGK

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2013
Posted: 12th Jun 2013 17:47
What's the best way of implementing In App Purchases and connecting it with agk C++?.
I don't know much objective-c, But I'd say I'm fairly fluent in C++.
Using Xcode AppGameKit Tier 2 for iOS.
Ancient Lady
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Posted: 12th Jun 2013 18:14
If you have v10813 installed, there are commands available for that.

You need to open the help pages local on your computer to see the ones for In App Purchase. Double click on <youragkdirectory>/IDE/Help/Reference/Extras.htm and there is a section titled 'In App Purchase'.

I don't know the correct sequence of usage, and they don't appear to have added the examples for that, yet.

But I do understand that you must have the stuff already pretty much set up with Apple in order to test. I could be mistaken. I haven't done any of this, yet.

If you don't get any responses from someone who has actually done this in a reasonable time, try posting a similar question in the 'AGK Product Chat' forum (more people look there). Make sure to phrase it a bit differently, otherwise it will be flagged as already posted and won't get put up.

This post has some discussion that is related.

And this post shows how to do a basic purchase, I think.

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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