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3 Dimensional Chat / Blender 2.6 question

A dude
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Joined: 15th Mar 2010
Location: The Solar System
Posted: 23rd Jun 2013 17:56
Is it possible to make many faces into one solid object?

Don't waste your life
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Joined: 25th May 2009
Location: Michigan
Posted: 23rd Jun 2013 20:34
Unless you've made a flat plain with only one face, every object has several faces.
If you want more faces, you'll want to subdivide.
The Zoq2
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Joined: 4th Nov 2009
Location: Linköping, Sweden
Posted: 23rd Jun 2013 21:38
If you have sevral faces that are not connected but part of the same object, select 2 edges you want to connect and press f. It should create a face between them
DBPro Master
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 24th Jun 2013 21:53
depending on what it is you're trying to do (not very clear) you can also:

merge vertices into one vertex: select verts then ctrl m

remove doubles: left side tool panel. performs automatic merge based on distance

join multiple objects into one object: select objects then ctrl j


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