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Dark GDK / Multiple sprites of the same image

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Joined: 24th Jun 2013
Posted: 25th Jun 2013 23:47
Probably a noob question, but couldn't find the answer for it.
How do I display the same sprite (I mean the same ID of a sprite) multiple times on the screen? I am trying to make a clone of Doodle Jump just to get used to DarkGDK. I am able to put one plank on which my character can jump on, but not a second one of the same sprite.
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Posted: 27th Jun 2013 22:45 Edited at: 27th Jun 2013 22:47
You usually create more sprites that use the same image.
For example:
dbSprite(1, 0, 0, 1);
sbSprite(2, 100, 100, 1);
will create two sprites, one at (0, 0) and one at (100, 100). Both will use the same image (1).
You can also use dbPasteSprite, or for that matter dbPasteImage.

The last two exist in DBP but I'm unsure whether they are in DGDK1 under those names. They probably are though.

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