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Dark GDK / Best way to setup GDK - in 2013

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Joined: 5th Mar 2008
Posted: 13th Jul 2013 23:44
a few years ago i started playing around with Dark GDK in visual Studio 2008 etc. Unfortunately i then got side tracked with work and am only just having enough time to look into using it again.

At the moment i am developing applications in C# with VS 2010 and would like (If possible) to get the GDK setup for VS 2010.

However after researching a little there appears to be several key differences since i last was here. There is now apparently a release candidate for GDK 2 as well as an open source version of the GDK on Google code....

I could also in theory re install my copy of Darkbasic pro (However i would prefer to use C++ (Or C# if possible!!)).

So what i am looking for is what is the actual most up to date version of GDK? and what is the best way to get it setup with VS 2010 so i don't mess up my work projects in C#.

Also, i do have additional resources (Dark Physics, Dark AI etc etc) are those worth trying to figure out still ? will they work with the latest releases of the GDK ?

Thanks for the help in advance
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Posted: 14th Jul 2013 06:38
You want to have a read of this

And buy this GDK.NET

Some plugins work I think but most require wrappers, DarkNet has a .NET version included with it though...

Hope this helps...

I too am using C# for Game Development as well as Application Development... I am using VS2012 and hoping to use VS2013 soon...

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Joined: 5th Mar 2008
Posted: 14th Jul 2013 18:46 Edited at: 14th Jul 2013 18:47
I will look it over... would rather not shell out even more money just to get up and running again (After i purchased Dark Physics, Dark AI, game development pack etc etc probably got atleast $150 - $200 invested). Although i do like the idea of using C# for development....

Thanks for the input
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Posted: 15th Jul 2013 19:05
Quote: "So what i am looking for is what is the actual most up to date version of GDK?"

DarkGDK2 is by all appearances dead. The author haven't been seen in the last year. That said it works, most of the time at least and you can usually fix the broken aspects of it. It does handle certain things that the original DGDK failed at and it (theoretically) allows you to update DGDK so that it matches the latest DBP release and can (again theoretically, albeit seemingly not 100% in practice) use all plugins that work with DBP.

As the author is seemingly gone I wouldn't dare purchasing it though as you never know if you'll receive your copy. This project was seemingly outsourced by TGC so I doubt they would be able to help you if that happened either. The demo version has also been expired since last summer so I would probably stick with DGDK 1.

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