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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] The Escape

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Posted: 18th Jul 2013 14:32 Edited at: 18th Jul 2013 14:38
The Escape

As Alice makes the dinner, James takes a look in the newspaper. "The Borogondhile Cave System was closed. Seems like some old functioning bunker was down there. Electricity came from an old mans barn. The man died, and they closed the cave." Alice: "Wait, you're saying there was a functioning old bunker? And where was it?" James: "Yeah, atleast what it stands here." Alice took James to their cellar and she brought up an old book about an artifact. "My father tried to collect this for a long time, in that cave system. He said the bunker he was looking in had no electricity. But since the newspaper says there is, maybe you could go looking for that arctifact? It's worth about two million dollars. You've always wanted to go on an adventure, haven't you?" And as James explored the bunker..he found out that the bunker was not abandoned..

It's a horror game, starting off outside the cave system. You start off with a fire axe and go searching for it underground. But something is down there..

Work In Progress Alpha 1Level Preview Download
Please, excuse the menu. It's poor. Also, there are 2 easter eggs.

Low quality on the first picture, sorry


- Nic
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Posted: 18th Jul 2013 21:02
hey niclauke, I saw you talking about this game in the group on facebook, and wanna say, nice work! I really like that you're not using white lighting, and like the nonflat wall geometry. I might suggest retexturing the segments, however, as they're clearly box-stock and thus kind of boring. As for the lighting, go into the setup.ini file and turn your lightmaptexsize to something from 256-1024, and then turn the quality up past 5, where it's at now. try 25-65 for different results.

While I appreciate what you were trying to do with the lighting, I want to suggest that perhaps, considering the story, the lighting is just a bit too "vibrant" and perhaps the colours should be dulled a bit. As it is, it doesn't really create a foreboding atmosphere like it should.

all in all, good job and I hope to soon see more from this game.

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