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Dark GDK .NET / Matrix does not seem to be fully drawn?

xix psycho xix
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Joined: 15th Sep 2008
Posted: 20th Jul 2013 19:28
Hey guys, been a while since I have posted in the forums! But I came up with a problem in one of my latest projects. I am creating a map editing kit to use with one of my games. I wanted to use terrains but I can't delete terrains in DGDK .NET so this was not a good solution for me. I decided instead to use matrices. I have the matrix to the point where I can add a heightmap and a single texture (going for a single texture per map system for complexity reasons) but now it seems like my matrix is not being fully rendered. On two sides I can see where the matrix ends and I no longer have matrix height data, but along the other two edges there is no apparent end being rendered to the display and I continue to move up and down in 3d space as if I am still standing on the matrix. My question is, does anyone know why my matrix is not being fully rendered, or am I doing something completely wrong here? I am more than willing to post the source for creating the matrix if that would be at all helpful. Thanks all!

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