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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Can DBPro run on Windows 7?

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Joined: 14th Aug 2013
Posted: 14th Aug 2013 22:39
I've just purchased my copy of DarkGame Studio, and installed DBPro on my Windows 7 computer.

I am using an administrator account, but each time I try to start up the programme it tells me that it has 'run into problems' and that I should run it on an account with admin rights. But after I click ok, the programme window opens anyway.

Then I try to input the example code included in the getting-started guide, and click 'compile and run'. It compiles just fine, but won't run anything because it says I have DirectX 9.0 on my computer and I need 9.0c or later. But my computer is running DirectX 11.

Is there any way to get around these problems? The DVD package says the software runs on Windows XP/Vista but I assumed that it would run on Windows 7 as well. Is there something extra I have to do to get it to work?

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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
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Posted: 15th Aug 2013 07:43 Edited at: 16th Aug 2013 19:30
Have a read of this, and in case I forgot to mention it on there you can install DBPro into C:\TGC\DBPRO or if you have multiple partitions D:\TGC\DBPRO

It helps alleviate many issues, but mind you, you do not need to turn off UAC and should not do so at all! at least not unless in extreme cases, if you got DGS then you also have Tree Magik and Plant Life, they require the DEP method to run freely on Windows 7... I am sure someone will come and suggest otherwise...

But in the mean time, try what I know that works also notice the download link in the upper parts for the correct DirectX download required if you have not yet received your DVD disk... if you have it look for the DirectX folder on it unless you are using the Demo, then download my DirectX file...

come back here if you have further questions anytime

Also Hi! Laurienne and welcome to the forums! and the world of TGC and DBPro!

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Joined: 4th Jan 2008
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Posted: 15th Aug 2013 09:17
DBPro works on Windows 7, you'll just need to grab a couple of updates to bring it up to speed. Also, double check your Anti-virus, as I used to have Avast! and this used to break DBPro upon compiling.

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Posted: 16th Aug 2013 17:58
DirectX 9 can be installed alongside DirectX 11. In other words, you will need to install DX9.0c even though it appears you have a "newer version" (the two aren't even compatible).

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Joined: 21st Oct 2010
Posted: 27th Sep 2013 17:03
I have Win7 and I followed the youTube tutorial
'Creating a game world and loading it into DBPro'.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get into my world, I can see the bottom of it - it is placed at the top of the window, but the camera does not move into it allowing me to navigate inside.

Please help - old woman in distress!

Many thanks!
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Joined: 8th Feb 2009
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Posted: 27th Sep 2013 18:53 Edited at: 27th Sep 2013 18:56
In the tutorial there is no collision detection used. You probably built your level in FPS Creator at the default layer of 5. This is 500 units above where the level in the tutorial is located.

Change this;
position camera 50, 55, -50

to this;
position camera 50, 555, -50
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Joined: 17th Oct 2013
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Posted: 20th Oct 2013 22:58
DB Pro is working fine for me on Windows 7, 64 bit.

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