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AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase / [WIP][Tier 1] RPG World Online

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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
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Posted: 19th Aug 2013 23:33
I have been making an online RPG using AppGameKit for the client and C# for the server. With the help of some TGC posts, I was able to figure out the networking protocol... so I thought.

When I run the client and server locally, it works fine. But when the server gets accessed over the internet, it becomes flakey. Large sends of data from the server to the client cause the client to drop the connection. Or if the internet lags enough then the client drops the connection.

I used wire shark to figure out some of the packets that TGC didn't mention like packet 7 from client to server, which I think is a ping request. Not sure but I seem to be sending the right data out for a local connection to work.

The only way I got it to all work was to slow down sending of data which pretty much creates too much lag.

I also tried a pure AppGameKit client and AppGameKit server and it worked ok locally but can't test it on my web server because it doesn't support OpenGL on RDP. I still need to test this though to see if the problem is in AppGameKit or my code but wanted to put this out for people to see cuz I am about to give up on it but it would be nice to have an online, persistent RPG running on AGK... wouldn't it?

Here is the TGC forum post I have been referencing:

Here is my launcher/updater I made:

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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
Location: Southern California
Posted: 23rd Oct 2013 18:39
Hahaha, it has been 2 months and no one responded? That is ok. I did make some progress. I think that it was 2 issues. The machine I was using to host my server was network flakey. I moved it to a more robust machine and most issues cleared up. I still think AppGameKit networking may be sensitive to internet lag but I will settle with blaming my hack job for the minor issues left. I added an auto-reconnect and it keeps the disconnects bearable and the game still playable.

The game is still moving along and I invite everyone to check it out. The above link is probably broke so try or just goto and go to the download section and look for the V5 downloads. I also have an Android version available.


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Posted: 30th Oct 2013 15:39
I think you must upload some screenshots to get answers on posts.

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Posted: 30th Oct 2013 23:24
Fair enough...

The Zoq2
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Posted: 31st Oct 2013 11:59
That looks pretty cool, a good RPG is always fun

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Posted: 15th Feb 2014 00:50
This project is still alive and coming along pretty well. Been updating almost every week.

Here is a copy/paste from the "what's new" for the past couple months:

February 14, 2014

- no real weapons in game yet but most of the
tools can be weapons like stone axe and iron pick
- the selected text shows Weapon=<skill>,<rating>
where rating is like V1/V2 as the average
damage a weapon can do in 10 seconds
- sector 2,2 is now the home, plains sector that
everyone starts in and resurrects in, sector
numbers start at 1,1 instead of 0,0
- added more rat and spider types, the farther
away from the start sector you go, the harder
ones spawn, rats stay in plains, spiders in
deciduous sectors

January 30, 2014

- the red flash on damage done to you is now
relative to the damage done
- auto-usage buttons now show the tool/focus
item being used, should help clear confusion
about what item is being used for what
- readded Grayvyn back, they level and resurect
unless you can find their/destroy Grayvyn Stone

January 10, 2014

- took some time off for Christmas and stuff
- recoded animal/monster spawning to reduce
CPU usage, still work to do but makes npc
more responsive and allows a lot more to be
- map size = 400 instead of 1000 for testing
- removed the grayvyn for now
- added basic stone wall, doesn't have a real
image yet, just a shadow mask but shows
the basic shape. They auto-connect when built
- android version should work now

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