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Program Announcements / [dbp] Random Realms Roguelike

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Joined: 30th Mar 2004
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Posted: 21st Aug 2013 06:08 Edited at: 21st Aug 2013 06:22
it's been a few years since I originally released random realms,
and I've got a new version now that is worth its own thread.

Random Realms is a " Roguelike " dungeon crawler.
Fight your way through randomly generated levels,
to the throneroom of a terrible monster who has stolen
a great treasure from your people.

download it here:

One unique feature of Random Realms is that with each new game,
an entirely new host of creatures is generated.
Animals, undead, golems, oozes, plant-creatures, and intelligent monsters,
with millions of power combinations, are created for each game.

All dungeon levels are randomly generated, and there are many types.

after some attention on Roguetemple, and a series of Let's Play
videos by GameHunter,
lots of changes were made to the game,
and I think it's better for them.

* Full Documentation Included
* Variable Game Length and Difficulty
* Set Perma-Death On or Off at Game Start
* Full Magic System
* Simple Controls and Interface
* Many Automatic Gameplay Features
* Online High Score Tracking
* Over 1 Million Possible Weapons!
* Over 10 Million Possible Monsters!

Watch The Video Here

Above, steve the dark paladin "@", faces off against a "L", the Lebral. Below, see what that "L" really represents.

here are 13 dungeon maps i pulled from a game (i put one in twice ):

Random Realms is pure ascii, with no plans for tile support.

download and enjoy, it is free and complete.
report bugs to me here, or find my email in the documentation.

[]Random Realms[/href]


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Posted: 13th Sep 2013 13:07
Having never played a Rougelike before I thought I'd give this a

I think what you've done is good. Everything works, which is always a good start.

The only thing I would change is that the messages telling you what's going on would keep scrolling up even when nothing happened, as I found it a little confusing to keep track.

I have to say that I'm not entirely sure this is my kind of game, which is more of an opinion on Roguelikes than this game in particular. I felt a bit detached from the action. I felt the same way during the strategy parts of Rome Total War so you're in good company.

However, I'm up to level 5 and I'll keep plugging away and see if I get into it. I've got it on my netbook so I can play it on the train into work.

one of these days I'll come up with a better signature
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Joined: 30th Mar 2004
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Posted: 16th Sep 2013 06:59
that is so cool to think of someone riding the train, playing my game! the Z-king is your boss. go get him!

[]Random Realms[/href]
Mr Bigger
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Posted: 17th Oct 2013 14:57
Thank you IBOL for this game.I am a fan of Rogelikes and have played many of them,but i had more fun playing this one than i have had in a long time.Well done sir.

I am "Me" on the scoreboard.High score!,Woot!

I noticed a couple of things during play as follows...
1.Upon leaving a shop,you must step away before you can re-enter.
2.If you drop an object you don't pick up the object your on.
3.The mini-map is so tiny that it is hard to see.
None of these things detracted from having fun.

Thanks again.

AMD 2600+/1GB ram/GeForce 6600oc 256MB/W2KPro/DBPro 6.6.b
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Posted: 19th Oct 2013 02:11
whoah, hey, awesome!
1,026,041 that's pretty great.
and you played to depth 20. that gives a real taste of what's in the game.
did you ever find any hidden treasure rooms?
between levels 10& 20 it tries to generate one every level.
full of unique stuff , but you need digging and mapping both.

1. I suppose I could use 'wait' to reenter the shop. the problem was accidental reentering, so I put a flag on it.
2. good point. will eventually fix
3. maybe I could squeeze it a little bigger?

Right now I'm working very hard on a sci-fi roguelike,
Approaching Infinity, so RR will wait. but it's in a pretty good state anyway.

thanks for playing,
and if you have a feature request for RR, and don't mind waiting 6 months, feel free!

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