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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Army Rangers War Zone Multiplayer *NEW*

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Joined: 3rd Aug 2013
Posted: 22nd Aug 2013 00:46 Edited at: 28th Aug 2013 17:29
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Joined: 23rd Dec 2009
Location: Norfolk, UK
Posted: 22nd Aug 2013 15:02 Edited at: 23rd Aug 2013 15:13
EDIT Good looking map, The lightmapping could do with tweaking



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Joined: 16th Dec 2012
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2013 16:56 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2013 17:23
First off i like the ambition to attempt multiplayer games in fpsc, and it looks good so far. The one thing that i think you may want to change is the names of the characters so it makes it easier to know what character you are selecting.

I just played and hear is my review:
I like the setting and the maps were bigger than i anticipated, But the only problem with that is it may be hard to find people if you only have two playing which may be the average you get since there are so many multiplayer games already out there. Also the weapons have different pickups, what i mean by this is that some you have to press enter to pickup and others you auto pickup. I cant really say anything about the fun factor yet because i cant since i was just roaming the map.

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