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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Here is a small pack

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Joined: 27th Nov 2003
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Posted: 27th Aug 2013 21:41 Edited at: 29th Aug 2013 22:46
I made this many years ago, most of the models are not fps ready.
You are going to have to do that.

I do not have time to put 15 screen shots so I will not give it away.
Are you trying to say I stole them

Life is not fair, so deal with it.
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Posted: 28th Aug 2013 17:45 Edited at: 28th Aug 2013 17:45
Quote: "The Models and Media Board require members to include viewable Screen Shots, attached to or inside a post when starting threads.

In the case of Distribution of and or Sale of Models and or Media from these boards it is imperative that Screen Shots of the content of any distrubtion/download are made available for all to see.

Relative copyright information is also to be included.

Please Note : Breaches of the rules regarding infringements of copyrights are a serious offense at these boards. The onus is on posters and distributors of Materials to provide satisfactory evidence of their right to distribute materials and their ownership of copyright. It is not the job of Moderators to either seek or confirm such for themselves. Moderators have to make decisions in the light of available facts presented. "

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