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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Low-Budget Texture Making

Derek Darkly
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2011
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Posted: 28th Aug 2013 18:00 Edited at: 25th Jul 2014 06:55
If you're lazy and impatient like me, you want to learn quick, cheap and easy methods for game and texture making.

An alternative/supplement to texture making programs is to use a standard paint program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

(If you're poor like me, you'll probably want to sometimes use free browser-based programs like or

I've been experimenting with making decent textures from scratch.
By using a blank canvass and effects like ADD NOISE, BLUR, EMBOSS, COLORIZE, etc. you can make a variety of textures.

It just takes a little experimenting and imagination.
Here are a few I made with

(They're not that fancy, but use them in your games if you want.)

Here's a chessboard I made pro scratch with Pixlr, using the Kaleidoscope effect the get the woodgrain pattern:

Other stuf...

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Posted: 27th Sep 2013 12:25
use GIMP instead (free open source linuxey version of photoshop)

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