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Newcomers DBPro Corner / 360 rotate camera

Ghost Games
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Joined: 1st Aug 2007
Posted: 18th Sep 2013 01:58

i had found this code, and i try to modify it with out luck. so now i ask for some help.

first of all i need a 360 degree rotate camera. it rotate like i want around y now. cant get it to rotate around x

and when you rotate a bit, and release the mouse bottom and move the mouse and then hir the buttom Again, it jumps when start rotaet Again. is there a way to make it continue from where it was with out jumping.

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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 19th Sep 2013 16:03
Try something like this.


Burning Feet Man
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Joined: 4th Jan 2008
Location: Sydney, Australia
Posted: 24th Sep 2013 13:31
I got playing with this on the train... Instead of camera rotation, I decided to rotate the cube. This is as far as I got, but when ever I employed "Fix Pivot" on the objects on mouse click release, the object rotation would be wrong. I admit I haven't thought out the mathmatics behind rotating the cube and mouse cordinates, no doubt I could simply apply the above camera technique to the cube for the correct result;

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