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Newcomers DBPro Corner / CodeBase - Animated Rollin' Dice not adding correct spin numbers

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Joined: 5th Oct 2012
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Posted: 20th Sep 2013 20:05
MidKnight Outlaw wrote I believe is an awesome animated dice program that I would like to use. However when I Compile and Run the code, the game rolls say a "9" but the two dice may show a "3" and a "1". I thought it maybe due to the Bitmap being upside down or something. But when I test each Subroutine, it creates the correct Sprite Dice side (one = One, etc) so it has to be with the Dy.x file. Is there anyway to correct this error? Also how would I place it as a separate window within my program to popup when it's time to roll the dice?


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Posted: 20th Sep 2013 22:40 Edited at: 25th Sep 2013 08:48
MidKnight Outlaw's, limb texturing subroutines are a little off. This is the corrected code.

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