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Dark GDK .NET / BSP Rendering and Scale, Please Help!

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Joined: 22nd Sep 2013
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Posted: 22nd Sep 2013 23:56
So, included project "BSPTest" with Dark GDK.Net map does display properly, however when I substitute my own I get no errors, yet nothing is visible except a black screen.

I've been creating BSP's inside AC3D, exporting as .X, then compiling using DarkBasic Pro's BSP/PVP Compiler, generally using epsilon values of about + 1.0.

I AM packaging the files correctly, with textures into a .pk3, which loads successfully into DGK.Net, however I can't see/find my map in the 3D world.

What are basic requirements of a .bsp map for
-Size(in db units)

Any help is extremely appreciated, -thanks
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Posted: 3rd Oct 2013 16:57

It's been quite some time since I looked at the BSP stuff. But one important rule I have found, is that when you generate the PK3 file with your textures, the paths for the textures must be removed. The textures usually get held in the package file with absolute paths. These must be removed otherwise it has the effect of not loading the BSP file correctly.

Try that first and see if this helps.


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