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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Starting learning and in need of help with both DOGA-L3 and Metasequoia

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Joined: 28th Sep 2013
Posted: 28th Sep 2013 17:44
Hello guys I am new here.

I have recently started to learn 3D modeling here in brazil and one program that took my attention was DOGA-L3. After I found Metasequoia and loved that fact that I can create parts for use in DOGA in it but I have come to a head in a aspect: Color and textures.

You see, when I create a object in Metasequoia and color/add material on it I then want to export it to DOGA .SUF format. The program have a function for that but when you export you lose all the objects color/material information and it became a white/metallic part in DOGA.

I tried after saving the object directly into .SUF format (the program allow it) and it allowed my object to keep its color/material information but then when I try to apply a texture or other color to the part in DOGA the object is not affected in any way.

Also I have a problem trying to dicern DOGA's native color pallete so that I could color my new parts to the same standard.

Can any of you guys help me with that? How I can overcome that problem?
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Joined: 5th Sep 2010
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 24th Jan 2014 11:51
Try Mapscape or Carthography shop 4 or Blender.
You will get more feedback.

Cheers Ron.

Programming is learning

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