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DarkBASIC Discussion / USBs and Paths

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Joined: 3rd Oct 2013
Posted: 3rd Oct 2013 02:23
I have been trying to open up a Darkbasic Pro file from a USB (I just saved it on the USB as a project), though, whenever I try to open it on the same computer, Darkbasic Pro opens up but with no code. Also, about paths, how will I load in an image/sound if I play it on another computer? (also, with Darkbasic) Example:

How will path lead to where it needs to be if it's on a different computer? Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 30th Jun 2006
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Posted: 28th Oct 2013 01:20
You can specify relative paths (relative to the folder the source file is in), so if your project folder looked like this:

Then to load "brick.png" you could type
and it will load no matter where the myProj folder is located.

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Sergey K
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Posted: 29th Oct 2013 02:56
"C:/etc./etc./images/water.bmp", 1 -> "C:\etc.\etc.\images\water.bmp", 1

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