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iOS and MacOS / how to user in app purchase for iOS with AGK

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Joined: 14th Jun 2012
Location: Paris, France
Posted: 19th Oct 2013 16:46
If you want to use inApp, you can inspire from this code :

I've submitted it as an example to the documentation page inAppPurchaseSetup

Have a great week-end


Patrick P.
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Joined: 21st Jul 2005
Posted: 22nd Oct 2013 14:49
Great Patrick, thank you for the input! That was the piece of code I was starving for when I published my first iOS app
I'm, well, a bit concerned if this part can work asynchronously:

If a network or server is down, getInAppPurchaseState() will always return false, shouldn't it? This makes an endless cycle then

Ancient Lady
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Posted: 22nd Oct 2013 16:27
It is generally a good idea to have a timeout value that is also checked.

Something like:

// set up to time out after 60 seconds
timeout# = Timer() + 60.0

// do first check
purchstat = getInAppPurchaseState()

// check until either we get a value or time out
while ((purchstat = 0) && (Timer() < timeout#)
// check state again
purchstat = getInAppPurchaseState()

// check for time out
if purchstat = 0
// do some sort of timeout processing

Ancient Lady
AGK Community Tester and AppGameKit Master

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