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Dark GDK .NET / Add Reference for Dark GDK 2.0 in Visual Basic Express 2010

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Joined: 26th Feb 2009
Location: Buffalo NY USA
Posted: 23rd Oct 2013 16:06
I am attempting to add the reference for Dark GDK 2.0 which I purchased into a Visual Basic.NET 2010 Express project. I tried copy the DLLs into the .bin folder under the project. Each time I try, I get "gdkengine.dll" could not be added. Please Make sure that the file is accessible, and that is a valid assembly or COM component.

I am going to try going through the threads here, but I am not finding anything useful or applies to what I am doing so far.
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Joined: 21st Oct 2008
Posted: 23rd Oct 2013 18:14
With Visual Basic.NET you can use DarkGDK.NET not Dark GDK 2.0

To use Dark GDK 2.0 you need Visual C++

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