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Dark GDK / Here example of using audio library "Audiere" in DarkGDK. Do you know better audio library for .ogg?

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Posted: 25th Oct 2013 23:07 Edited at: 26th Oct 2013 13:04
Problem #1. I've bought new TV LG, then installed special programm "SmartShare" from official LG site for translation video from computer via LAN to TV. When I switch on my computer, SmartShare loads many its special codecs, and I have issue – my DarkGDK games now can play .wav and .wma, but can not play .mp3 and .midi. How many people in the world have LG TV and LG SmartShare ?..

Problem #2. Mp3 is not free for commercial games.

Problem #3. I have begun to convert my .wav to .wma instead of .mp3, but: (1) .wma has bigger size than .mp3 (.mp3 coded with Joint Stereo mode), (2) When I code my sounds from .wav to .wma, some sounds give unpleasant artifacts even with bitrate 320 kbit/s, but .mp3 and .ogg all OK.

Decision: I need use .ogg container. It has equal quality with .mp3, and less size then .mp3. DarkGDK does not play it, so I need external audio library. Here list of audio librares:

I have decided to test Audiere. Site:
1) it is open software and freeware for commercial using (LGPL license)
2) it can stream music without loading files (but also can load files and then play them)
3) it can run many instances of one sound
4) it has very simple using
5) C++ API
6) plays .ogg, .wav and other containers
7) it plays its sounds in harmony with playing in that moment DarkGDK sounds

1) it uses 500kb .dll instead of .lib
2) last update 2006 year. Community have found some bugs, but there are no patches. Bugs are here:
3) almost no examples (only 1 simple example in downloaded official documentation)
4) cann't use 3D sounds (but DarkGDK can)
5) as I know, it does not play .midi (or at least play with issue – cann't change volume)
EDIT: 6) problems with scope of vision (instead of this DarkGDK has "Sound Manager"). Of course, I can use in subprograms and functions only streaming, but I am afraid bugs (see §2) -- on my PC it works without memory leaks, but I can not guarantee it on all the computers in the world.

I have written simple example for DarkGDK (I use Windows 7 Pro x64 & VS2008). You can download and test this example.

Do you know better audio library (.ogg + free for commercial)?
Better ideas? Issues? Please, comment. P.S. I am not english-speaking, so please excuse me for bad english.


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