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iOS and MacOS / Which Xcode to download to compile iOS iPhpne? Latest version 5?

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Joined: 19th Oct 2011
Posted: 28th Oct 2013 09:07
Afternoon Forum,

Taking the step in compiling my Tier1 code for iPhone (4s&5s)

Have a MacBook Pro - will this work? Intel based?

Should I be downloading version xcode5 or an earlier version?

Sorry but an X86 guy and Mac's are a 'brave new world for me'

Any gotchas? just follow Ancient Ladys step by step get me to the goal?

Many Thanks in advance


Ancient Lady
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Posted: 28th Oct 2013 14:11
The MacBook Pro should work if it is Intel based.

Because of Apple requirements, you will want the latest Xcode (I don't even know if you can get older versions).

I haven't updated my guide for Xcode 5 and Apple has changed the interface a lot. I haven't had time to update the instructions.

One of the things I have been careful of with Xcode 5 is to NOT let it update the Facebook SDK. I don't know if the updated Facebook SDK will be properly compatible with the one AppGameKit is set up to work with.

The area that has changed the most in the interface is how it deals with the project settings. Especially the images. Xcode 4 actually displayed the icons and launch images. It took me a while to figure that out. I don't know what 'Use Asset Catalog' next to 'Source' means, but I have left it alone. You select icons/images for each size by clicking on the folder image in the line and you view them by clicking on the thing that sort of looks like an eye.

If you have difficulties, post them here and I'll see if I can help.

Ancient Lady
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Posted: 31st Oct 2013 07:37

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