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Dark GDK / object not centred and not being detected in sparky's collision

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Joined: 7th Apr 2013
Posted: 28th Oct 2013 18:06
I have edited a model where i rexported it into the .x format. For some reason by doing this teh object is now not centred. This means that if i position the object in a certain location it appears somewhere else. I am also using Sparky's collision with this object but i cannot find where teh object is. this means that is creates a small box in the correct position. Im thinking that the reason for this is that it is too far from the centre.
does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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Joined: 29th May 2007
Posted: 1st Nov 2013 02:14
check the x exporter settings of your modelling app. Had the same problems, had to change some settings in the exporter.
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Joined: 23rd May 2009
Location: Russia
Posted: 1st Nov 2013 16:44
In modelling programm set "origin" of the model to the center of the model.

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