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Dark GDK / client-server game

Jonathan Gavilan Mora
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Joined: 12th Sep 2013
Posted: 2nd Nov 2013 16:33

I want to make a small demo of mmorpg.

This is my idea:

The server must have the ground and also the all time game data.

The client connects to the server and load your character in the field of the camera server but the client has to have to see what happens in the world that is on the server.

The question is how I can make what is happening on the server see the client?
As I can make that link?

Sorry for my English.

Thank you!

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Posted: 4th Jan 2014 09:19
Hey Jonathan,

I think a good place to start is to checkout some multiplayer plugins like multisync. I have used multisync and its really good, i think you can find examples around the forums about how to use it also. Following these tutorials will help out with your quest of making a small mmorpg. I have been working on a small online rpg myself, but its 2d.

Client / Server programs work by clients communicating with the server, so you can have a map on the server and send it to the client, or include the files in the client. When the client connects to the server, it will know, and can push data to the client such as x, y, z positions, and position the client where it needs to be.

You can code a client and server in one file or in separate files, with larger programs it would be more simple to make 2 different files. With one file you can use a variable to flag a section, such as if server == 1 do this, and when u save it make your flag 0 for client or 1 for server

Again, I suggest something super small just to understand what is going on, and when you understand how its all working you can make larger programs. I think my first program was just a hello world with a button in the client and nothing on the server. when the client connected the server would say someone connected and when the button was clicked it would say hello world on the server. I moved that into a chat program between 2 clients interacting with a server and then I moved into a small 2d rpg.

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