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DarkBASIC Discussion / How to Force DBC to Run in Window?

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Posted: 17th Nov 2013 22:27 Edited at: 17th Nov 2013 22:44
It has always irritated me how when you run a program in dbc the screen goes black and it changes the screen resolution to 640x480 before reading any commands for display options. How do I make it run in a window by default at 800x600?

I have tried editing the setup.ini file:

and made a "setup.ini" file in the same directory as my program files:
but I don't get the desired effect.

Linux related additions:
I am running through Wine on Linux. If I run code without changing the display settings there are no errors, but if I change the resolution or set window on, it still runs ok but after I quit the program an error message pops up:

"Show Details" reveals this crap:

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Posted: 17th Nov 2013 23:15 Edited at: 19th Nov 2013 18:35
1. The command to start windowed mode is "set window on"


2. The errors reported in the minidump suggest a problem with directDraw which is propably caused by error in the implementation in wine.
I do not know if you can reinstall DirectX9 in wine, but if you are able to do this, it could help. Checkout the wine-website for more infos.

DBC was written for windows only (until version XP) and never intended to be working on linux though. It needs DirectX-8 or DirectX-9 and there is no way to get it running with Direct-10,11,... - its simply incompatible.

I tried to run DBC under wine on Knoppix 7.2 and everytime I used a "make object" wine crashed. The text-output with print and text-commands worked. Which I assumed it to be a problem of interaction between DBC and DirectX emulated by wine.

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