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Dark GDK / Found Mistrel (DarkGDK 2.0 author)

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Joined: 16th Nov 2013
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Posted: 27th Nov 2013 08:09 Edited at: 24th May 2014 01:30
Here is his public profile on LinkedIn:

His most recent activity there is September, 2013. So apparently he's active and can be contacted if you have an account there.

I'm new to 2.0 (never used it, just read forum msgs this evening), but from what I can tell here, his LinkedIn profile, and another site of his (, Matt (Mistrel) is not part of TGC. He's an individual who decided to expand and improve the original DarkGDK himself (with license from TGC). I assume he used the open source of DarkGDK as a starting point.

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Posted: 30th Nov 2013 23:13
I think that the concept behind DarkGDK 2 was (in essence) quite simple, and a stripped down version could probably be rebuilt from scratch in a relatively short amount of time.
I recently tried interfacing with a DBPro dll from DarkGDK (1) and that worked out just fine. All a DarkGDK 2 clone would have to do is set up a render window, load the engine setup library (DBProSetupDebug.dll), use that to... well, set the engine up () and then use the GlobStruct instance to allow the other core (and third party) libraries to communicate.

Of course that wouldn't support things like multithreading (DGDK2 never really did anything but ensure that only 1 DB function was run at once so I don't know if I'd call that "multithreaded" either though). Things like using D3DXVECTOR's instead of the vector / matrix id's could be added on top of that with some work.

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