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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Claustrophobia

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Joined: 1st May 2012
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Posted: 22nd Dec 2013 19:12 Edited at: 22nd Dec 2013 19:57
After a few hours of level design work (and a brief search on how to spell \"claustrophobia\"), I finally think I have some screenshots worthy of uploading.

I just now noticed there is another game named claustraphobia, and I will change the name as soon as I find a suitable one.

Your name is Officer James Orison, a police officer fighting the crime of the Bay City area. When several murders appear in a alike fashion it is concluded that there is a serial killer in Bay City. As the investigation reaches a dead end, you get contacted by an anonymous source telling you that the serial killer is hiding out in Bay City Asylum, which has been abandoned for 15 years. Thats where it all begins........


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Joined: 18th Jul 2007
Posted: 23rd Dec 2013 06:38
Well I like how this is starting. The lighting is pretty okay. I would reccommend you change your lightmapping to something higher- like 25 for example. Search "lightmap" on the forum and you will find out how.

Nextly, I recommend you not use so many ceiling lights and space them apart; it will look more "real" in a sense. Besides these few issues... this is a nice start to a game.

Good luck!

The Birds - A narrated adventure.
Diablo Chateau
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Joined: 11th Nov 2012
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Posted: 24th Dec 2013 21:00
You know what would be cool? If Santa Claus was the boss/assassin.
(Santa Claus... CLAUStrophobia, get it? huh?... ah, forget it).

Jk, this is looking really interesting, the map feels really atmospheric, can't wait to see how this turns out.
The only problems were already mentioned by ASTECH, change your lightmap and take off some of those ceiling lights.

Good luck in your project and merry x-mas (if you celebrate it).

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