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Android / How to allow android app to sleep - removing prevent screen from sleeping

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2010
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Posted: 22nd Jan 2014 01:17
I was able to get in touch with Paul and he gave me the code that allows AppGameKit Android apps to allow screen sleep. Since we really didn't like that our apps prevent screen sleep this was very important to us.
In main.c you will find a line that reads:
ANativeActivity_setWindowFlags( state->activity, AWINDOW_FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON, 0 );
Remove or comment out this line.

Next find APP_CMD_INIT_WINDOW and change that case to read like so:

Then recompile with cygwin and you should be all set.
You may be able to remove the Android manifest permission for wake lock, but you cannot do that if you use push notifications as GCM requires wakelock.
This has also removed issues we were seeing where folks would shut off the screen when the app was active then return to a black screen.


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Posted: 26th Feb 2014 14:12
Thanks for sharing, this will be useful

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