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2D All the way! / Chaoscraft - 2D Sidescrolling Skilling ORPG

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The 2D Sidescrolling Skilling ORPG created by CMFiend420, regards and respect to Mr.Miguu and Project Vertigo

Chaoscraft is a 2D SIDESCROLLING skilling ORPG, much inspired from Runescape and Tibia. I always loved the skilling aspect of games, but Runescape got old quick for me. Runescape, if you don't know, is a 3D browser game, where Tibia is similar but is 2D, downloaded, and is a top-down perspective. The top-down perspective killed my ambition to play for me real quick, and I thought, hey! Theres already a 3D skilling game, 2D top-down skilling game, why not make a SIDESCROLLING skilling game? I've always been a fan of Maplestory and other renowned sidescrolling games (Lostica, anyone?<3) and I thought the combination of the types of games would be wonderful. I'm quite the writer (if I do say so myself) and I thought the combination of a great storyline, lore, quests, with a skilling and sidescrolling game, what could go wrong? Thus, Chaoscraft was born.

The world of Chaoscraft was sensibly, a peaceful place. By no other name did you think Chaoscraft was destructful. The land was ruled by 5 Gods, Vitam the God of Life, Mors the God of Death, Caelum the God of Heaven, Infernus the God of Hell and, Contritio the God of Chaos. Together, they peacefully to some name, kept the world of Chaoscraft in sync.

After time, the people of the Chaoscraft land become rowdy. They held wars for territory and murdered innocent for the pleasure of saying they did. This angered the Gods, and together they made a plan. They divided magic and skills between all 5 of the Gods, and granted them special abilites. The God of Life was given Alchemy, Herbalism, and Woodcutting, the God of Death was given Enchanting and Gemcrafting, The God of Heaven was given Leatherworking and Weaving, The God of Hell was given Blacksmithing, Cooking and Mining, and the god of Chaos was given Fishing, Scrollcrafting, and Fletching. The Gods furthermore divided up the land into 5 pieces, where each God could rule , and spread the knowledge of the skills, thus, making the people needing to travel and needing all the Gods, so none were favored.

This method worked for some time, people started to care less about fighting and more about knowing. They fled to distant lands in search of the Gods, and the knowledge they hold. Some became angry when the quest failed, and this often resulted in violence. The people became rowdy again, and the Gods knew the plan had not worked. War between nations knowing certain skills, wars over nations not having any skills at all, before the Gods knew it, the land broke out into a World War.

The Gods have had enough, they tried, but they cannot succeed. Together, they summoned creatures of immense might, some small, some big, some weak, some powerful. They bestowed evil creatures and people, and the world broke out in terror. The people of Chaoscraft thought this was the end, but the Gods still had another ace card.

The Gods gave children to pregnant mothers within villages. These children were known as Avatar Children. These Avatar Children were given special gifts. Special gifts in order to knowledge the strength of all the skills, combined the Gods spread these children throughout the whole world, and as they grew, their plan began to unfold..

Woodcutting is used to cut different trees to obtain logs, (HURR DURR). Woodcutting usually go hand and hand with Fletching, where you create bows, crossbows, and arrows/bolts. Woodcutting can also be used hand in hand with tinder to create a fire and restore health and mana points when not in combat. Different logs range from "Logs", "Oak", "Maple", "Redwood", "Teak", "Birch", "Yew", and "Mystic".

Cooking is used to cook raw meats obtained from monsters. Cooking can also be used to make drinks that restore mana over time, while cooked meat restores health over time. These foods cannot be used during combat, however, but yield much more health and mana then making a fire. Some cooked foods may also give hourly buffs for various different things. Fishing and cooking go hand-and-hand.

Fishing is used to..well..catch fish. Cooking and fishing go hand-and-hand. Certain fish heal more health, while some may even heal your stamina or mana. Some may even give you buffs that others wont. The catachable fish are "Shrimp", "Anchovies", "Salmon", "Bass", "Trout", "Flounder", "Catfish", "Crab", "Tuna", "Shark", and "Mayora" (special fish to the Chaoscraft world ;D ).

Not only can you add special attributes to your armor and weapons like World of Warcraft, but you can also add up to 5 different sockets to each armor and weapon piece (depending on how high your skill is), Enchanting and Gemcrafting go hand and hand, as you can also enchant the gems that you put into the sockets. Lets take for example a +20 health gem, you can enchant the gem to also add +20 armor or maybe even an additional +20 health.

Gemcrafting allows you to craft gems that can be placed in armor or weapons that either comes with sockets, or was added through enchanting. Gems can also be used to make spells used by all classes more powerful.

Leatherworking allows you to skin the monsters that you kill in the world of Chaoscraft and use the leathers to create various things. You can create armor, or certain materials needed in other skills.

Blacksmithing allows you to mine ores and create them into armor and weapons. Blacksmithing is also very useful for other skills such as fletching, where you need to make the arrow or bolt tip in order to create that item.

Fletching is used to make bows, crossbows, arrows, and bolts out of wood, in combination with woodcrafting, weaving, and blacksmithing. Fletchers can also used ore from blacksmithing to make things such as shurikens and throwing knives.

Scrollcrafters use gems from gemcrafting and special artifacts to create scrolls that give unbelievable buffs for good amounts at a time. EXP scrolls may also be made through scrollcrafting. Some scrolls even reveal skills to classes that you cannot get unless through scrollcrafting.

Weaving is used in combination with woodcutting and leatherworking. Weaving can be made to use baskets to hold extra items in your inventory. Twigs from cutting trees can be woven. This skill is primarily used to hold multiple items in your bag, but only to take up 1 spot.

Alchemy is used to gather herbs and create potions with them. These potions give you temporary buffs or restore health, mana, or yield XP to other skills.

Heroes are your typical melee class. They can tank, or they can do damage. They use "Heavy Armor" and can use 2 handed swords as well as a sword and shield. They can use every single weapon type, but cannot heal.

Magi's are your typical mage class. The Magi can go in two different directions, healing or damage. The magi uses "Light Armor" and often uses a staff or wand to cast spells. The Magi class is the only class that can summon beasts to help them upon combat.

Archaeus is your final, and typical ranged class. Archaeus' use bows, crossbows, or guns. The special thing about Archaeus' is the fact they can heal as well. Though, they are not anything close to a Magi healer, they can can themselves and others enough to stay alive.


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CMFiend420 - Owner
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Seb - Pixel Artist

Developer (1-3)
Being a developer means you work on maps, items, spells, NPC's, the whole works. Developers must speak fluent English, as well as have a superb vocabulary.

Programmer (1)
We NEED a programmer in order to get the things done that we need, theres a lot, so be ready. Programmers can also be paid, but like a pixel artist, the payments would be over time.
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2014 21:23
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