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Work in Progress / Thinking about doing a 4X space strategy type game

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Posted: 5th Feb 2014 17:22 Edited at: 5th Feb 2014 17:36
The main premise is that the hexagon tiles each have one type of stellar object. Each tile, (or system) endows the system owner a special advantage. The stars provide energy for the system owner. The rocky planets supply resources. And the gas giants supply fuel for the ship's fusion reactors.

The gameplay will be a mix of RTS and Turn-based action. You have a command ship over your capital system. You can spend as much time as you want in a system building up population, production, or research.

If you want to move your ship to another system you can do so right away but you have to wait a minimum (maybe 15 seconds) amount of time before you can move to the next one. Everything else will run as RTS in the background.

I would like this game to be one you can do a "smash and grab" on the other system owners OR be a game that can take a long time to complete building up tech population and culture. As well as grid sizes from 15x15 hex tiles up to 100x100 hex tiles. The snapshot you see has a grid size of 35x35 hex tiles.

I already have the camera system pretty much locked up and done. The graphics could use some tweaking to ensure a consistent visual style.

Here's a snapshot of what I have so far:

I feel this has the best chance of being the project I can do to completion. Other projects I have posted just petered out due to lack of programming skill or they took up too much CPU power to run on a reasonable system.

Until I get the money for a new desktop system I'll be using my laptop to see how far I can go with this next attempt at a project.

I guess I'm a sucker for programming.

Home is where my souped-up computer is...


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