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Dark GDK .NET / Running on Visual Studio 2013

Bored of the Rings
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Posted: 6th Feb 2014 11:09 Edited at: 6th Feb 2014 13:12
Hi all,

After following Seppuku Arts thread regarding installing onto VS2012, the same steps apply to 2013.

Should also work on x64 OS. I am going to test out on my windows 8 x64 OS and see if all ok.

update - works on x64 bit OS no problems. Just need to make sure x86 CPU is selected and not x64 through configuration manager
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Posted: 24th Apr 2014 01:36
Selecting x86 means it is compiling a 32 bit program. If/when CPUs become 64 bit only, everything will be broken. I hope TGC create a 64 bit version soon, and every addon to go with it. I love DBPro.

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